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Focusing on our well-being is more important than ever. Discover the top wellness centers that use a scientific, clinical and highly customized approach.

Sensei Lāna’i – Lāna’i City, Hawaii. Courtesy Robb Aaron Gordon


One of Western Europe’s greatest pioneers in preventive medicine, Lanserhof specializes in a host of different care programs. In the sprawling, ultra-luxury grounds of flagship LANS Tegernsee, Germany, and Lanserhof Lans, Austria, custom treatments using the LANS Med Concept are offered. The method integrates techniques in naturopathy and holistic medicine, therapeutic fasting, sleep and pain therapies, chronomedicine, nutritional regimens, cellgym and medical cosmetics.

The line extends to Hamburg with its LANS Medicum, a clinic specializing in sports therapy and medicine, as well as LANS Cardio, with a team led by renowned cardiologist and director Dr. Karl-Heinz Kuck. Lanserhof also has a location in The Art Club, London.

Lanserhof’s holistic anti-aging treatment includes phytotherapy, orthomolecular medicine, sleep medicine and information medicine, or cell “ re-programming” medicine.

Lanserhof Tegernsee – Waakirchen, Germany. Courtesy Lanserhof and ©Alexander Haiden


VIVAMAYR’s modern medicine and the latest clinical technology aim to restore personal well-being, with resort locations in Altaussee and Maria Wörth, Austria, as well as day clinics in Vienna and London. Built upon the philosophy of 20th-century Dr. Franz Xavier Mayr, who found that the intestine is the key to health, the VIVAMAYR cure cleanses and detoxifies the gut for a healthier metabolism. Lose weight and detox with seasonal organic food prepared by the chefs. VIVAMAYR’s Health Concept focuses on delivering personalized health and dietary plans that support better nutrition, movement and mental strength in each of the offerings.

As stress is reflected in gut health, VIVAMAYR’s Stress Control Treatment helps manage stress using micro nutrient vitamin supplements.

Vivamayr Altaussee – Altaussee, Austria. Courtesy Vivamayr

Guests can also choose to enroll in one of the VIVAMAYR Medical Programs. The most popular is the Classic, while others include the Active Detox, Post-Covid, Stress Control, Immune Boost and Anti- Inflammatory Skin. Today, the medical health resort operates under the direction of Dr. Maximillian Schubert in Altaussee and Dr. Harald Stossier in Maria Wörth.

Vivamayr Altaussee – Altaussee, Austria. Courtesy Vivamayr


Focusing on fitness, nutrition and providing a sanctuary away from busy life, the 600-acre Golden Door expertly balances personal private time with group mindfulness practice. With hikes shaded by bamboo trees, a local farm stand and daily in-room massages, Golden Door customizes each step of the way, from training and spa, to meals that fit guests’ metabolic profile.

Based in California, the resort is open only to about 40 guests per week who can attend its exclusive men’s weeks, women’s weeks, food and wine weeks and the “Classic Co-ed” week, coupling fitness and nutritional regimens with restorative spa treatments.

Golden Door tailors guests’ meal plan based on body size, metabolism and optimal caloric intake.

Golden Door – San Marcos, California. Courtesy Rhiannon Taylor


With locations in Greece, Morocco, Russia, Malaysia and its home country of Switzerland, Chenot has pioneered the fusion of biomedical analysis and wellness treatments for nearly five decades. Through the unique Chenot Method, which analyzes an important array of biomarkers in the body, each guest’s lifestyle and habits, the team is able to determine the factors that impact vitality and aging.

Originally created by founder Henri Chenot, today COO Dr. George Gaitanos continues to lead research and develops programs, therapies, cosmetic products and food supplements that promote a fully active life and successful aging.

Chenot Palace Weggis – Weggis, Switzerland. Photo by Alex Teuscher

Chenot’s hydro treatments work together as part of a four-step series to revitalize skin and ease tension.

Hydro-Aromatherapy: a hydro massage optimized by essential oils and varying water temperature and pressure.

Hydro-Jet Treatment: a cold pressure-jet combined with a thermal stimulus tones the skin and improves circulation.

Whole Body Photobiomodulation: a low-power laser therapy relieves pain and stimulates cell function.

Phyto-Mud Treatment: a clay body wrap, enriched with minerals, microalgae and essential oils, eliminates physical and psychological tension.


At Sensei Lāna’i, a Four Seasons Resort, all guests begin their stay with a personalization specialist who creates a unique guide with private instructional sessions, including meditation, yoga and nutritional series and guidance. At Sensei’s signature hale experience–hale means “home” in Hawaiian –guests can unwind privately in one of ten, 1,000+ square-foot sanctuaries that have infrared saunas, soaking pools and private gardens before or after each treatment.

Located in Kō’ele, traditionally spiritual lands of Lāna’i, on the main island of Hawaii, Sensei is surrounded by mountains, valleys and plateaus leading to the ocean–all of which can all be enjoyed through hiking and horseback riding.

All spa treatments include private time in one’s own indoor or outdoor “hale” pool.

Sensei, a wellness company founded by oncologist David Agus and Oracle’s Larry Ellison, is at the heart of all Sensei Lāna’i treatments.

Rest-Massage & Bath Treatment: a full-body massage concludes in a traditional warming Ofuro bath.

Aquatic Bodywork: a guided series of stretches combining massage, joint mobilization and shiatsu.


Based in Clarens, Switzerland, Clinique La Prairie is at once a hospital, research center, and a wellness and beauty spa. Using a comprehensive approach, the clinic has become globally renowned for its fusion of medicinal, clinical and empirical research. Powered by 50 medical specialists and a team of holistic care experts, with Dr. Adrian Heini at the helm, the CLP Longevity Method includes preliminary screenings of each patient, creating customized regenerative and preventative care plans through the framework of four key pillars: medical insight, nutrition, well-being and movement.

Clinique La Prairie Holistic Complex includes five bioactive supplements that restore youth, balance, purity and energy.

Clinique La Prairie’s Spa and Residence – Clarens, Switzerland. Courtesy Clinique La Prairie


For those partial to meditation rooted in ancient traditions, Vana is a wellness center located in Dehradun, a city in northern India, which offers Ayurveda, yoga and Sowa Rigpa in their traditional form, alongside contemporary wellness treatments. Founded by Veer Singh, a former physicist educated in Spain and the U.K., Vana imbues a reverence for nature and agriculture in each of its practices. Guiding its residents on hikes in the nearby Sal forest, through authentic yoga practice on the luscious grounds of its estate, or providing treatments of natural medicine derived from local ingredients, Vana is both a rejuvenating oasis and unique escape.

Vana – Dehradun, India. Courtesy Vana

Vana spotlights Sowa Rigpa, an ancient Tibetan medicine treatment that includes herbs, therapeutic oils, warm poultices, and body and scalp-easing touch.

Raag Music Therapy Under the Bodhi Tree – Vana, Dehradun, India.




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